Yes it does, it has prizes, folks. While MadPea Productions is known for its hunt-style games, occasionally the format gets changed up. This time, as players progress through the story, completing different tasks and solving different puzzles earns them points. Those accumulated points can then be used to cash in.

“So, what are these prizes?” you might be wondering.

A handful of the prizes are offered by some of our sponsoring vendors, in this instance they are Fuschia Nightfire, Never Totally Dead, Noctis, and Rebeca Bashly.

Fuschia Nightfire’s prize is some wearable bats, which is always a wonderfully spooky accessory for any MadPea to own.

Never Totally Dead is offering three levels of prizes: a 200L gift card, 500L gift card, and a 1,000L gift card.

For its prize, Noctis is offering our victorious players The Apothecarist’s Cabinet, a very detailed prize complete with book stacks topped with melting candle!

Rebeca Bashly has two prizes for us, both of which are equally creepy. The first is “The Queen” (pictured above) and the second is the “Three-Headed Fountain” (pictured below).

MadPea has many prizes for our players ranging from humorous to the truly creepy, and all on the topic of UNIA. These are going to be some great mementos of the game and the tough times some of us had …

First, we have this lovely little souvenir … there’s not much one can say about this other than, this would clearly send out the message “Yes, I am this tough, don’t mess with me!”

Who doesn’t remember their first encounter with the dead mad cow? And wouldn’t this look lovely among your Halloween gore decoration?

We are certain that your partner would love for you to hang this in the parlor! What a conversation piece.

The super scary and ever-creepy Pusher Monster Avatar comes complete with an AO. Great for all your nightmare-inducing needs.

Carry a little UNIA trophy wherever you go with this Sandworm Necklace!

A spoonful of sugar is never very far away when you have the UNIA Umbrellas to help carry you away.

With a little touch of humor and art, MadPea brings you these rememberances of the adventures UNIA brought to your SL!

For serious famers only: This scarecrow doesn’t mess around. It scared the poop out of you during the game, now you can have one of your very own!

Everyone LOVED the zombie chickens, so here, you can have one of your very own!

Remember, MadPea’s store also has some great items in it, and this gift card will help you nab up a few of your favorites.

Lastly, but certainly not least, no adventure would be complete without a T-shirt to prove that you were there. The tees are available in a big pack pictured above, but they are available in individual packs as well.

So, come try out UNIA for the game, but definitely be sure to leave with the prizes!

You can find information on how to start the game here: join us at UNIA. …

Or you can discover the UNIA sim here in-world: