What’s inside the Mystery Case?

MadPea’s newest game is chock full of secrets and puzzles! Mystery Cases is a new take on the way you play our games. Instead of roaming around our land or going on a giant hunt, this game is a totally different perspective on solving a game that is a complete enigma.

If this seems vague, well, it’s supposed to! Above all else, Mystery Cases is just that: A complete Mystery. A new series of games where how and when you play it depends completely on you! If you want to know what that is or how you solve it, you just have to dive right in! 

You start with the Journalist Edition. You’ll receive a hud and a briefcase. Where you go from there is just something you’ll have to crack on your own… There will be objects to interact with and figure out what to do with, but each one will be a different little story for you to work out. How do you open it? What do you do once you have opened it? What on earth is going on with this game???

I will say, even I’m still trying to figure it all out, and it was made to stump! So you won’t get those answers from me. That would take the thrill out of it!

To find out what it’s all about, you’ll need to buy your copy of the game and go to your home or any place you’re able to rez, and get cracking with that beautiful, puzzle-solving brain we know all our Peas love to use! 

As with all MadPea adventures, there are achievements and prizes too! But this Pea isn’t gonna tell you what they are. Sneaky, aren’t we?

Are you up to the challenge? We think you are…


***You can find the Mystery Case for 499L on MP here and at the Mad City Mainstore here!***