What’s on at MadPea

February 2020

Pardon our dust!!!!

MadPea’s Mad World and Mainstore are combining to bring you a unique experience for shopping and fun!

New LM below!

MadPea Mainstore & Mad World

Current Games

How To

Spellbound Prequel Bad Omens Quest

Available for ALL PEAS (no game HUD needed)

Don’t miss our short quest in Willowshire!

Help Lady Kismet collect the lost runes in the village

Win a prize and gain Achievement points.

how to
How To

MadPea Premium

Purchase MadPea Premium Membership for a one-off fee of only 1000 $L and scoop up the following brilliant benefits:

20% Discount of all our in-store items
Weekly Giveaways, Raffles and Activities
Monthly Group Gift
Enhanced Customer Service

More details here!

MadPea At Events

The Man Cave

The MadPea Espresso Machine is a must-have for the coffee aficionado on the go!

Put some pep in your step, and a smile on your lips as the smooth flavors of expertly roasted beans mixed with barista magic wash over your tongue!

in control of your personalized coffee experience, fueling your mind and body for the glorious challenges to come!

TP to The Man Cave


Whirl and Twirl in a magical dance of beautiful confectionery delight on the MadPea Cupcake Carousel!

Invite family, friends and guests to sate their hunger for tasty fun with a delicious ride on lovingly frosted cupcakes,

And revel in the sugar induced joy!

MadPea does not recommend attempts to actually consume the ride!

TP to Belle

Take-Home Games

Mystery Case 1

The Journalist’s Edition

Available at the MadPea


Escape Room – The Bunker

Available at the MadPea


Fully Playable Demo HERE

Mystery Case 2:

The Collector’s Edition

Available at the MadPea


Escape Room – The Cabin

Available at the MadPea


Fully Playable Demo HERE

Have a great month!