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December 2019

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MadPea Premium

Purchase MadPea Premium Membership for a one-off fee of only 1000 $L and scoop up the following brilliant benefits:

20% Discount of all our in-store items
Weekly Giveaways, Raffles and Activities
Monthly Group Gift
Enhanced Customer Service

More details here!

Daily Rewards

Gold Bar Search
Find the gold bar hidden in Mad World each day to get 50 FREE Mad Points!

Spellbound Premium Potion Quest


Finished Spellbound?  Why not try the special side-quest and pick up more Achievement Points!

Simply return to the Alchemy Lab to see what’s brewing….  and good luck!

*Requires game HUD*

Spellbound Prequel Bad Omens Quest

Available for ALL PEAS (no game HUD needed)

Don’t miss our short quest in Willowshire!

Help Lady Kismet to collect the lost runes around the village

Win a prize and gain Achievement points.


Mad World


Daily Rewards

Gem Search
Find the gem hidden in Mad World each day to get 50 FREE Mad Points!

Evil Dentist
Take a shot at our toothy friends in this old school ‘shoot-em-up’ game.

Tour Carts
Enjoy a tour of the sights and sounds at Mad World in your very own cart; you can even bring a friend!

Lucky Wheels
Scattered around Mad World, our Lucky Wheels are waiting to be played and with three shiny brand new gacha collections to win, you won’t go away disappointed.

Pirate Cove
Shiver me timbers – ‘ave you been to Mad World’s Pirate Cove yet?! It’s more fun than that time Tom the Cabin Boy fitted a wheel to the bottom of the Capn’s wooden leg!

Journal Quest
Collect journal pages scattered around Mad World. Find them all to win a prize and an Achievement!

Pirate Quest
Arrrrrr!  Did ye think ye heard the last of Cap’n Burbridge?  Foolish landlubber!  Rustle him up a nip o’ grog and win an Achievement for your trouble!

Miles and the Lost Balloons Quest

Miles needs your help to find all his lost balloons – can you be the good Peas we know you are?  Your reward won’t just be in heaven, there is a prize and Achievement Points too!

Balloon Pop

We’re proud to introduce new content at our theme park Mad World. Here’s Balloon Popper with awesome cuddly prizes and an achievement!

Witch Hunter

Our spooky interactive ride.  Skilful shooting will win a prize and Achievement Points – but be careful of what you kill!


Fall through the sky, maybe to your death with our scary addition to Mad World.

Killeh Kitteh
Can you find your way out of this gigantic maze? The numerous traps and killer mice will make it more difficult.

Don’t Kill Bill!
Based on the popular game of ‘Hangman’, this letter guessing game is a battle of wits. There are single and two-player modes, so why not challenge a friend?

Road Rage
The bumper cars are a staple of any fair ground and it is so much fun to chase your friends and relive that bone shaking experience when someone hits your car – there is nothing like it!

Apple Quest
Apples are lost around Mad World. Can you collect them all to win a tasty prize and an Achievement?

MadPea At Events


Opens November 20th

Ever been on a horrible family trip?

Relive those fond memories when you play

MadPea Family Christmas Disaster!

A family friendly board game for anyone,

whose had to drive anywhere for the holidays

*includes sleigh coffee table with decor


Take-Home Games

Mystery Case 1

The Journalist’s Edition
Available to purchase from the main store
Further details

Escape Room – The Bunker
Available to purchase from the main store
Further details

Mystery Case 2

Collector’s Edition
Available to purchase from the main store
Further details

Escape Room – The Cabin
Available to purchase from the main store
Further details

Have a great month!