Let’s go back to that first time you heard the click-click-click of the carts coming up the track for a ride you’ve been anticipating for two hours. Maybe your shoulders are a little sunburned, your hair is frizzy from the little spray bottle fan that kept you alive through the long wait… But you’re finally there. You’ve descended into the damp, cool air of the manufactured cave and your entire world has begun to change. Goodbye to the oppressive heat outside and goodbye summer as you are ensconced in eternal autumn… and then you take your seat, the metal bar comes down and you have transformed into someone else from another place and another time and for fifteen glorious minutes you get to live through one fantastical wonder after another as your cart follows the well-worn track through one eerie landscape to the next. It’s part of the magic of theme parks, the ability to transport and transform, and it’s that moment, that sensation that we bring to you now.

Welcome to Witch Hunter. This might be one of my favorite games in Mad World, not only does it manage to capture that unique theme-park ride sensation – but it is So. Much. Fun! Who doesn’t love a good shooting game? Add to that the unique hand drawn illustrations created exclusively for Witch Hunter, the eerie world you’re taken through and the pure giddiness of hitting your targets and you are in for one sensational experience – and hey! No sunburns! That’s what I call winning.

Playing is simple! Once you purchase your ticket from the vendor all you have to do is sit on the cart. Once you do a gun will automatically attach to you and the cart will take you through the spooky world of Witch Hunter where it is YOUR job to take out those pesky witches and their nefarious sidekick bats. But be careful, not everything in the dark forest is as evil as it seems. Sometimes an old woman is just an old woman, waiting for her granddaughter and sometimes what you might think is a bat is just a harmless cat out for a stroll. Make sure you check twice before pulling that trigger!

With five achievements to earn and unique prizes to win you’ll want to play over and over again! Prices range from 50 – 400 MadPoints depending on your level so get those achievements ya’ll and get those levels up! Grab your friends, your significant ‘SLother’ or just you and your glorious self and come experience the newest addition to Mad World!