We have the BEST news!  MadPea is having a sale of game HUDs so this is your chance to experience the full glory (gory?) of what we do!  Starting at 11am SLT on Monday 24 September – and for one week only – our game HUDs will be reduced by a massive 50%.

This means that The Tower, Seven and our most recent game, Nightmare in New Orleans, will only cost you 500$L each to play, so hurry and snap them up!  These are interactive, immersive, full games that take 4 – 8 hours each to complete.  Each has it’s own engaging storyline, puzzles to solve and intrepid Peas are rewarded with Achievement Points and a range of game souvenirs at the end. These are original games fully written and created by the MadPea team, so at this price, you can’t say no!

But if you are new to MadPea, have never played our games before or simply are not sure which game you would like to start with, read on to find a short summary of what each of our current games is about…

Nightmare in New Orleans

Nightmare in New Orleans

Nightmare in New Orleans is an original mystery game with puzzles, combat and an immersive story set in the 1950’s. You play as the sibling of a private detective who has gone missing after working on a mysterious case in New Orleans. Concerned, you go to the airport and get on the first New Orleans flight possible to find out what’s happened.

Game ratings for Nightmare in New Orleans

You will travel through a world of richly detailed scenes and environments in your hunt for your brother.  This game is rated moderate for some scary and spooky elements, including a creepy swamp teeming with unfriendly critters (both dead and alive…) and the sanctuary of a beautiful church.  Guided by your game HUD, you will visit locations, solve puzzles and seek out clues to piece together this brilliant mystery.

You also have the option to indulge in a gorgeous gacha set; some of the gacha items in the set may help you along the way, although they are not essential to game play.  You can purchase Juju coins that enable you to skip any especially difficult puzzles and, for the full game experience, why not pick up our exclusive themed 50’s outfits so you fit right in?  All these optional extras can be purchased at the game start area.



Seven is an original horror game with action, puzzles and an immersive story. You play as yourself, working late at night at the office… until you realize you had fallen asleep on your keyboard. It’s dark and raining heavily outside. You gather your belongings and start heading to your car, ready to go home. Suddenly, your life changes in ways you never imagined and you must act fast under pressure to make the right choices.

Game ratings for Seven

If your taste is for more adult and/or horror themes, then Seven should really light your fuse!  (Owing to the nature of this game, it is not suitable for child avatars, please).  You will meet a number of very unsavoury characters along the way, but you will need all your skills to help them out and finally achieve enlightenment.  But make sure you are ready for the horrific truth!

A gorgeous range of 100% original mesh game enhancers are available as a gacha set from a board at game start and some items may also help with game play – but it’s up to you to discover which!  Don’t forget you can trade and swap MadPea gacha items in group chat, which is also a great place to get help from your fellow Peas.

The Tower

The Tower

You find yourself in a strange place with no memory of who you are or how you got here. Your only hope of escape rests in solving a series of challenging puzzles. Can you uncover the truth before it’s too late?  To finish The Tower successfully you will need to search every room carefully and solve several puzzles which vary from easy to hair-pulling hard. We dare not say more about the story, the fun is in discovery!

Game ratings for The Tower

Do you prefer a puzzlicious game that tests your brains more than your legs?  Fancy a little less running around and a bit more head scratching?  Then the Tower would be your perfect start.  Also, while there are thrilling elements to this game – we ARE MadPeas, after all! – it is suitable for players of all ages.  You can explore on your own or with friends, working your way through the levels to find out exactly what is going on.

Don’t forget to dive right in with the optional extras, too!  Available at game start are special outfits and even a customisable nametag to give you the full official Tower look.  You may purchase a Tower earpiece that whispers hints (and looks awesome!) and, if you get really stuck, you can purchase access cards that allow you to skip puzzles.

So what are you waiting for?  Phone in sick to work for the week.  Pack the kids off to the grandparents.  Stock up on snacks.  We will see you in-game!