MadPea Magical Toy Rescue – Guide for Hunters

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MadPea Magical Toy Rescue - Guide for Hunters – START LOCATION – – LEADERBOARD –  Jealous that children get more toys than candy at Christmas, the evil Candy Queen has broken into Santa's workshop and stolen all the toys. After absconding to Candy World, she's now hidden the toys across the grid. We need your [...]

Brighten Your Space with the MadPea Curtain Lights

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Give your space an instant glow-up with MadPea Curtain Lights! Available in one of four sheets of colorful lights featuring trees, hearts, stars, or snowflakes guaranteed to add shine and sparkle to any space.  Or pick up a full pack of all the options! MadPea Snowflake Curtain Lights MadPea Heart Curtain Lights [...]