Help! I am playing a game or hunt and I can’t enter a region2021-03-05T12:06:47-08:00

If you can’t enter a region, you should contact the owner of the region to solve the issue first.

Possible reasons for not being able to enter a region:
The region might be offline
You don’t have moderate or adult regions enabled.
You are banned
Please note:
MadPea is not responsible if you are banned from a store/region and are not able to complete the game.

I have a gift card that is showing blocked. What should I do?2021-01-03T19:01:07-08:00

We pride ourselves on our products & services that we create for the Second Life community.

Sadly, the security of our gift cards was compromised last year.

For this reason, we immediately stopped accepting gift cards in May 2020.

For those affected we allowed gift cards to be exchanged for store credit until the end of 2020.

That window has passed & we will no longer exchange old gift cards for store credit.

Thank you for your support & for being a part of our community

It is possible to get MadPea to change the permissions on an item or customize an item for me?2020-05-19T10:13:52-07:00

MadPea items are sold “as is”. Permissions can not be changed.

Additionally, MadPea does not accept custom requests.

I recently changed avatars. Can my achievements be transferred to my new avatar?2021-11-20T05:12:07-08:00

No, sorry, achievements are non-transferrable.

I am playing one of your interactive games & I never received the pop-up asking me to accept the experience.2020-09-20T16:21:13-07:00

Make sure you are at a location that has the MadPea experience enabled, like the MadPea sim. Add the game HUD there. You can, also, add the MadPea experience to your home sim or parcel (if you have the ability) by clicking on your sim name at the top of your viewer. An ‘About Land’ box will appear. Go to the ‘Experiences’ tab. In the Allowed Experiences box, click the Add button. When the Choose Experience box pops up, type in MadPea, and click Go. You will see the MadPea experience listed. Make sure it is highlighted and click OK. That’s it! You now have then MadPea experience enabled on your sim/parcel.

There are items on the Marketplace that I do not see in the store. How can I view these before I purchase it?2021-11-27T05:30:33-08:00

We have a rezzer platform located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MadPea%20Mad%20City/128/148/2002 that contains many of our items too big to display in the store.

If you still do not see what you are looking for there, contact Sangi Phaeton and she will be happy to rez an item for you.