Who are you 2025?

Description: Interactive Quiz Experience
Launch Date: April 2019
Life is full of choices that you have to make on a daily basis. MadPea will put you into awkward situations and it’s up to you to choose what you would do! Based on your actions, let’s see who you will be in 2025! Do you dare to take the Quiz?


Description: Immersive mission based adventure game
Launch Date: Spring 2019
Remember Kitty from Mad World? She’s had a lot of time to plan new tricks while being institutionalized. Will you join her Hell Kitty Clan to do evil or become an agent trainee at the Mad Bureau of Investigation to stop the madness? The choice is yours! Two paths, two outcomes, tons of insanity.

The Room with a Yellow Door

Description: First in the series of MadPad Games!
Launch Date: Unknown
You receive a mysterious message from a total stranger. You’re the only person she’s able to reach and it’s up to you to guide her to safety! Will you succeed or will you lead her to danger? The choice is yours!