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Mad World

Description: Watch this space!
Launch Date: NOW
Mad World – Theme park with creepy rides, adventures and surprises.

MadPea Summer Hunt

Description: Annual Summer Hunt for Seashells!
Launch Date: June 13
Two week grid-wide extravaganza with amazing locations, prizes and surprises!

Escape Room – The Cabin

Description: New Escape Room on its way!
Launch Date: Launch in Mad World
It’s a dark and stormy night and your car has broken down and your phone is empty! Of course.. because you know these things always happen at once. You see a little cabin on the hill and go inside looking for a phone. As soon as you enter, the door shuts behind you and you can’t leave. Your goal is to discover the secrets of the cabin and find a way out.

The Room with a Yellow Door

Description: First in the series of MadPad Games!
Launch Date: Unknown
You receive a mysterious message from a total stranger. You’re the only person she’s able to reach and it’s up to you to guide her to safety! Will you succeed or will you lead her to danger? The choice is yours!